About Us

Every great idea starts with a problem in need of a solution – and for Carew Medical Wear (CMW), this is doubly true.

CMW was founded in Minnesota, as a loved one who suffered from advanced heart failure – a life-threatening condition – had received a Left Ventricular Assist Device (LVAD).

While the device proves to be literally a life-saver for so many worldwide, returning to a normal everyday life has proved to have unexpected complications. Hospital-issued holster, uncomfortable carry bags, and even fishing and survival vests proved too impractical to acceptably and discreetly secure the LVAD device’s external parts and components.

The need for a specialized, ergonomically designed garment solution for LVAD patients was becoming more and more apparent by virtually all people within the heart failure community- and that’s how the idea behind Carew Medical Wear was conceived.

Inspired by the story of Rod Carew, a hall of fame baseball player and LVAD recipient, we designed our first LVAD wear garment, the #29-Left & #29-Right shirt – a real gamechanger in the world of LVAD recipients and heat failure patients worldwide!

After spending the 2015 World Series in hospital fighting for his life, the legendary hitter made an amazing recovery – so amazing, that he was able to step onto the field during the Heart of 29 Campaign that was supported by the Minnesota Twins and American Heart Association.

Now, with the personal and professional involvement of Rod Carew, we keep providing LVAD recipients with what they need the most – a way to live their lives to the fullest!

Designed with maximum comfort and utility in mind, the shirt acts as a snuggly-fitting sheath over the wearer’s body, gently hugging its curves and contours. At the same time, the shirt provides a slew of carry pockets, strategically placed to discreetly accommodate all the LVAD’s external parts – computer, batteries, wires, everything! – without limiting the wearer’s mobility in the slightest.

Of course, the shirt itself is made exclusively with the finest fabrics and materials, cutting-edge production processes, and strict quality control. It’s lightweight, breathable, and comfortable, and can be easily worn beneath normal, everyday clothes, finally allowing LVAD recipients to return to their normal, everyday lives.

That’s our number one goal, after all; CMW is a modern company in Minnesota, looking to do everything in its power to make the lives of heart failure patients better, put a smile on their faces, and raise awareness concerning their unique condition.
Of course, in today’s demanding world, “just” providing LVAD recipients around the world with a shot at a normal life isn’t enough – not by itself. That’s why we keep researching and improving our products and designs, striving for nothing short of perfection!

What’s more, we’ve also launched our “Hope ActiveWear” – a clothing line of premium quality and unparalleled excellence in design, which encourages and raises awareness in the heart failure, organ donation, and baseball communities.

Plus, we’re also the supplier and manufacture of all Rod Carew “Heart of 29” campaign apparel, a heart disease awareness motion supported by the American Heart Association!

After years of hard work and constant presence and support to the heart failure community, we’re glad to say that our efforts have paid off! Carew Medical Wear has been praised as a lifechanging idea by LVAD recipients around the world, including Rod Carew himself, as well as hundreds of doctors and medical professionals! Restoring the smile on the faces of our heart condition patients and loved ones is, of course, the ultimate reward on its own. That’s why we keep striving every day for a better, happier, healthier tomorrow – for all of us!